Medical Abortion Pill Services at Abortion Clinic Calgary

If you're located in Calgary in Canada and are in need of abortion medical services. if you want Abortion pill available Calgary Shoppers Drug Mart. Our compassionate staff will be there to offer the assistance and support that you require. We can be found . Our facility is committed to providing an array of services that will make sure you are well-being is maintained throughout this critical moment in your life.

Services Offered

Understanding Medical Abortion Pill Services at Abortion Clinic Calgary

Explore the Comprehensive Medical Abortion Pill Services Offered in Calgary Premier Abortion Clinic. You can learn more about safe and helpful options here.

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We provide reliable abortion services in Gallery and safe day care to the patients at our clinic.

3. Exploring the Abortion Pill Process Based on Our Experience

Learn about the process and effectiveness of abortion pills with us. Understand the process of landing in Calgary with us.

4. With us you can understand the side effects of abortion pills.

In the gallery we unveil the side effects of abortion pills during the procedure. And what you can expect afterward

5. We first review the risks associated with abortion pills

First you understand the risks and safety associated with using abortion pills in our gallery clinics and then you expose them

Health & Safety

6. Ensuring Safety at Calgary Abortion Clinic

Prioritizing Your Safety: Our Calgary Clinic's Stringent Safety Measures for Abortion Services.

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Services Provided

  • Pregnancy Options Decision-Making Support.
  • Aspiration Abortion Services.
  • Medical Abortion Services.
  • Pre and Post Abortion Counseling.
  • Support Services for Early Pregnancy Loss
  • Birth Control Counseling and Prescriptions
  • STI Testing and Treatment
  • Women's Health Options Specialty Services
  • Pap Testing (Cervical Cancer Screening)
  • Opper IUD Insertion to provide emergency Contraception
  • Endometrial Biopsy

Abortion Clinic Calgary - Womens Healthcare

If you're in search of an experienced and supportive setting for your abortions in Calgary Look no further.We work hard to provide safe and compassionate treatment, especially for abortions, and work specifically to suit your needs during this critical time.

Abortion Pill Calgary - Safe and Effective choice for you

Our gynecologist clinic provides abortion pills as a non-invasive and safe option to terminate pregnancy. This pill is also know by the name medication abortion, is accessible for those who are within the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. This procedure lets you control the procedure from the comfort and privacy at home, and with the follow-up assistance that is provided by our skilled medical experts.

Abortion Services Calgary - For us, Your Health Comes First

We perform abortions in Calgary. We take care of your health and well-being as our top priority which is important to us. Our sole aim is to ensure that you feel safe, stress-free and confident during your journey with us.

  • Private and discreet treatment in a comfortable and safe atmosphere.
  • A comprehensive counseling session to consider your options and give you the knowledge necessary to make the right decision for your needs.
  • The medical abortion (abortion pill) and surgical options, based on your requirements and the your pregnancy stage.
  • Care and support following the procedure such as follow-up appointments and access to counselors that can assist with any post-abortion concerns or queries.
  • Medical Termination of Pregnancy The clinic we work with adheres to the MTP Act's 1972 requirements making sure that every procedure is legal and carried out by licensed medical professionals.
  • Accessibility to the abortion pill: We provide the abortion pill, which is a non-invasive method of ending early pregnancy, which women are able to take at their own pace in private in their own homes after their initial visit to the clinic.
  • Complete Service for Abortion: we are yours From consultation to post-procedure treatment We help you through each procedure with professionalism, empathy and a sense of confidence.

Calgary's Clinical Abortion Procedures

The Abortion Clinic Calgary, located in the prestigious Vardaan clinic and Hospital. We provide an array of services and two principal methods of termination of pregnancy created to ensure your comfort choice, your health, and your choices.

Medical Termination

Pregnancies in early stages that last that last up to six weeks and 9 week. Our medical service uses first-aided abortion to terminate a pregnancy. This process is performed under the strict supervision of medical experts, who ensure the safety of our clients as well as confidentiality.

Key Advantages:

  • Non-invasive and safe.
  • Under the supervision of a professional.
  • Ideal for pregnancies in the early stages.
  • It ensures privacy and comfort.

Surgical Termination

Our surgical termination technique involves an operation using vacuum suction performed in a clean operating theatre. This procedure is extremely efficient as it is virtually painless and is carefully executed to prevent complications and speed up recovery.

Key Advantages:

  • A high success rate, and secure.
  • The time for short procedures is typically 15 to 20 minutes.
  • A brief hospital stay, generally less than 6 hours.
  • Includes antibiotics, supportive care as well as detailed monitoring.